Perspectives #6

Dear Partners and Friends,

Summer means different things to different people, depending on their work. For some, it’s the busiest time of the year, while others get to relax as they go on their holidays. Away from the office, we have time for our nearest and dearest, who can sometimes be neglected when we’re caught up in our work. Join us on an interesting and colourful trip around the world. The sixth edition of our Perspectives magazine takes you to idyllic locations and introduces you to exceptional people, who share their personal views of the multifaceted hospitality sector.

We hope you enjoy your trip around the world with us, and we'll see you again when we publish our next magazine.



Le 25.07.2017

Perspectives #5

Perspectives #5

Dear partners and friends,

"A match made in heaven!" In this issue's cover story, we showcase a line of plates from RAK Porcelain’s brand-new Woodart series, adorned with breathtaking dishes and masterfully photographed. The man behind these works of art is René Mathieu, a Michelin-starred chef from Luxembourg. While preparing these masterpieces, René found time to philosophise on cooking and what it means to be a chef. Let the magic of his work captivate you while you lose yourself in Woodart's beauty.

As usual, we have a wealth of new things to show you. Take a look at our magazine, "Perspectives". And like in previous issues, we will take you on an exclusive journey into the world of high-end cuisine and hotels. One of our stops is in Dubai, at the Al Habtoor City Complex. There we met French culinary director Stéphane Buchholzer, the man responsible for the gastronomic bien-être of guests from all around the world across 18 different restaurants. And speaking of all around the world: Our exhibit at the NRA Show in Chicago grabbed visitors' attention not only because of its scale, but also because of its design. In the USA, RAK Porcelain has now firmly established itself in the tableware industry.

As usual, we also bring you the latest culinary trends – from sprouts and shoots full of vitamins to food trucks, which remain as popular as ever. The piece on Thomas A. Gugler, president of the international association of chefs “Worldchefs”, is well worth reading too. And don't miss the interview with Simona Greco, Art Director of the exhibition Host Milano – you won't want to miss Host's 40th anniversary this autumn!


All that remains is to wish you pleasant reading.






Le 10.07.2015

RAK Porcelain presents "Perspectives", the international magazine of taste and esthetics. This document is the first of many to come, giving us an opportunity to share with you the news, trends and speaking out in gastronomy, hospitality, design and many other exciting and vibrant subjects. This inaugural issue will make you discover among other topics exceptional hotels and restaurants, kitchen artists, remarkable chefs and the latest trends in international cuisine.