Gemma Bernal

Gemma Bernal

Gemma Bernal has spent her professional life in design, thinking of products in a different light.

In her opinion, a designer is a person who captures different aspects of life: functional, economic, social, marketing, production etc. through its own sensitivity.

Ideas and design proposals arise out of this multidisciplinary conception and a close relationship with the right people.

She shares her work life between design creation and design teaching that forced her to define, explain and communicate her own vision.

Gemma’s work has been tremendously influenced by Mediterranean atmosphere and particularly Barcelona in terms of sun, light and joyful people sharing meals together on restaurants’ terraces.

Gemma has worked with various renowned chefs sharing a Mediterranean vision.

In the past years, she has found inspiration in young chefs and professional reviewers seeking different approaches in culinary activities.

Gemma designed two beautiful collections called MAREA and GIRO developed by RAK Porcelain.

MAREA features different pieces for tapas dishes, main and side dishes to bring up culinary presentations. These pieces have been conceptualized for a specific use and design oriented to ease service and product manipulation.

GIRO is based on geometric forms in which identical shapes in different sizes have been somewhat arbitrarily inserted.