Perspectives #7

"Cruising through the 13th year of operation, RAK Porcelain have much to be elated about as we are not just a successful business model but a brand that our customers are proud of. Besides impressive growth, we have impacted people’s lives at an emotional level which can- not be quantified. Our innovative offerings are revolutionizing dining tablescapes and inspiring people to dine well thus connecting with them personally.

In the 7th edition of ‘Perspectives’, we present you snippets of RAK Porcelains trails around the world. Delving deep into culinary trends and fads that vary regionally and how imperative it is for the HORECA industry to offer experiential dining today." - Renu Oommen, Chief Marketing Officer of RAK Porcelain

HIDE series wins RED DOT award

Le 25.03.2019

RAK Porcelain’s New HIDE Series from Their EPIC Collection Wins RED DOT Award for Product Design

HIDE was designed and created by Spanish designer Gemma Bernal and the ceramic experts at RAK Porcelain based on the principle of surprising the guest, enlivening their emotions and taking them on a journey of the senses.

HIDE, from RAK Porcelain, has been just awarded by the RED DOT organization, the internationally and established recognized design reference.

RED DOT, the biggest and most renowned design competition in the world with thousands of submissions from around the world, is a competition where the world’s leading design experts award prizes for the best creative achievements every year.

HIDE features 3 emotional elements, all playing with the feeling of immediate surprise, the hidden content and the attractive visual presentation.

A water drop that expands:

This element arises while trying to express the feeling of something pleasant, delicious and calm that expands, until it’s lost little by little – and then, eventually gone completely. Just as in nature, a drop of water falls on a lake and creates a delicate wave that fades from view.

Three leaf clover:

A three-leaf clover has the symbolism of good fortune. At the extremity of the HIDE cover, it turns and reveals itself with a wink for luck and the journey has begun bringing with it the element of anticipation of a pleasant tasting surprise that will soon arrive.

The crowning taste experience in 3 steps:

In the upper plate, the culinary artist proposes a light provision that aligns with the rest of the meal through contrast or congruity. The central part, through the perforations in its base, infuses and enhances with its delicate and delicious vapors. Then, the third and final stage, directly onto the plate, the main proposal arrives. The small and delectable delight has arrived, and the journey has been enjoyed.

Perspectives #6

Dear Partners and Friends,

Summer means different things to different people, depending on their work. For some, it’s the busiest time of the year, while others get to relax as they go on their holidays. Away from the office, we have time for our nearest and dearest, who can sometimes be neglected when we’re caught up in our work. Join us on an interesting and colourful trip around the world. The sixth edition of our Perspectives magazine takes you to idyllic locations and introduces you to exceptional people, who share their personal views of the multifaceted hospitality sector.

We hope you enjoy your trip around the world with us, and we'll see you again when we publish our next magazine.



Le 25.07.2017

Perspectives #5

Perspectives #5

Dear partners and friends,

"A match made in heaven!" In this issue's cover story, we showcase a line of plates from RAK Porcelain’s brand-new Woodart series, adorned with breathtaking dishes and masterfully photographed. The man behind these works of art is René Mathieu, a Michelin-starred chef from Luxembourg. While preparing these masterpieces, René found time to philosophise on cooking and what it means to be a chef. Let the magic of his work captivate you while you lose yourself in Woodart's beauty.

As usual, we have a wealth of new things to show you. Take a look at our magazine, "Perspectives". And like in previous issues, we will take you on an exclusive journey into the world of high-end cuisine and hotels. One of our stops is in Dubai, at the Al Habtoor City Complex. There we met French culinary director Stéphane Buchholzer, the man responsible for the gastronomic bien-être of guests from all around the world across 18 different restaurants. And speaking of all around the world: Our exhibit at the NRA Show in Chicago grabbed visitors' attention not only because of its scale, but also because of its design. In the USA, RAK Porcelain has now firmly established itself in the tableware industry.

As usual, we also bring you the latest culinary trends – from sprouts and shoots full of vitamins to food trucks, which remain as popular as ever. The piece on Thomas A. Gugler, president of the international association of chefs “Worldchefs”, is well worth reading too. And don't miss the interview with Simona Greco, Art Director of the exhibition Host Milano – you won't want to miss Host's 40th anniversary this autumn!


All that remains is to wish you pleasant reading.



Dear friends of RAK Porcelain,

Dear partners,


Perspectives N°4 is our way of taking you around the world of food, beverage, design, and more. We recently experienced the enthusiasm and passion brought by chefs from around the world when they came to Erfurt, Germany for the IKA/Culinary Olympics. On our website and our social media channels you will discover details of this highly competitive and exciting global culinary event.


Also in this edition, two incredibly talented and well-known chefs will let us know about their background and their passion: Gabriele Kurz from Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts and Klaus Erfort Chef and Owner of the 3-Michelin-starred GästeHaus in Saarbrucken, Germany.


And finally, after a close look at the current product development evolution with Gemma Bernal and Mikaela Dörfel, you will meet Gene Williamson, the President of RAK Porcelain USA, our youngest affiliate that recently opened its showroom at 41 Madison Avenue in New York. We hope that you will enjoy this truly outstanding issue of Perspectives N°4!


For RAK Porcelain, the year 2016 has started in an extremely positive way. Your interest in our new products has been overwhelming and I can say that the success of NEOFUSION is proven by a daily flow of
orders coming in from all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity tothank the product development team in our factory. This talented ceramic engineershave not only worked on new shapes,
but also created from scratch various new types of glaze. These allow chefs to use a different look and feel once it comes to the presentation of their creative preparations. In this issue of Perspectives, you will meet with Senthil Kumar, head of production at RAK Porcelain. A team of 750 dedicated workforce are behind Senthil to deliver the high quality levels you have come to expect from RAK Porcelain products...


It is with great pleasure that we present our second edition of "Perspectives": The international magazine of taste and aesthetics. We hope that you found the content of the first publication as exciting as a number of readers who did let us know how much they did appreciate this new way of communication with RAK Porcelain.Once again we want to share experiences, trends and reports about chefs, designers and artists from around the globe.In this edition you will discover our latest product introduction, 8 series of our new cutlery collection, the look and feel that has driven the designer’s inspiration. Wishing you a highly enjoyable read.


Le 10.07.2015

RAK Porcelain presents "Perspectives", the international magazine of taste and esthetics. This document is the first of many to come, giving us an opportunity to share with you the news, trends and speaking out in gastronomy, hospitality, design and many other exciting and vibrant subjects. This inaugural issue will make you discover among other topics exceptional hotels and restaurants, kitchen artists, remarkable chefs and the latest trends in international cuisine.

RAK Porcelain and IKA/Culinary Olympics: Porcelain for the world’s chefs

Le 13.03.2015

Claude Peiffer, Managing director RAK Porcelain Europe. Andreas Becker, VKD President. Sven Bodry, Sales manager RAK Porcelain Europe. Matthias Kleber, VKD. Wieland Kniffka, Managing director Messe Erfurt.

Claude Peiffer,...

The German Chefs’ Association (Verband der Köche Deutschlands e.V.) and RAK porcelain announced their long-term partnership right at the beginning of Internorga 2015, the leading trade fair for the catering sector: Over the next six years, RAK porcelain will support the German Chef’s Association with the two mega-events for chefs from all over the world, the IKA/Culinary Olympics in 2016 and 2020, with a total of over 500,000 euros. Part of this money will also be invested in the German Chefs’ Association’s educational and youth work.
“When more than 2,000 chefs from all over the world come together in Erfurt to nominate the best in the business, strong partners are called for. For this reason, we have decided to support the organisers of the IKA/Culinary Olympics, the German Chefs’ Association”, explains Sven Bodry, Head of Sales at RAK porcelain Europe. “As a globally recognised provider of high-quality professional tableware, we want to make a clear gesture for the catering and hotel sectors in Germany and the whole world”.
RAK porcelain will provide The German Chef’s Association with 15,000 items of porcelain so that the high quality of the chefs’ culinary attainments is shown to its best advantage. “Together with the Chefs’ Association, we have developed a new series of oval plates with asymmetrical surfaces for serving”, explains Bodry. “ For the first time in the history of the IKA, the chefs will not serve their Olympic menus on round plates, which means that we can also set new trends in this area”, explained Andreas Becker , President of the German Chefs’ Association.
And the suspense continues: both partners will announce further details of their collaboration at the drawing of the starting positions for the competing teams in October 2015 at the Erfurt Exhibition Centre, the venue for the IKA/Culinary Olympics.

RAK Porcelain & Luxair: Fly in good company

In order to better meet passengers’ expectations, Luxair has recently introduced a new concept of on-board service for the Business class.  The airline company offers now a more elaborate meal to replace the “lunch box” and Luxair has chosen the collection MAZZA of RAK Porcelain to present fine food to the Business class passengers.

Claude Peiffer's interview

Photo: David Laurent / Wili

Photo: David...

Claude Peiffer
Managing director, RAK Porcelain Europe
Interview by: Thierry Raizer / Published by paperJam.lu
(Photo: David Laurent / Wili)


Mr Peiffer, can you sum up RAK's history?
“The company's name is an acronym of Ras Al Khaimah, one of the smallest members of the United Arab Emirates. The country does not have any oil reserves, and as of 1991 it focused on the production of ceramics, first with tiles and bathroom installations, and then starting the production of porcelain in 2005. The choice of this niche is particularly justified by the opportunity to import gas from Qatar, which is essential to power the firing kilns. Today the group employs 6,000 people, 450 of whom work in the field of porcelain.”
Your group operates all around the world; what role does the Luxembourg office play?
“With 32 staff, we play the role of headquarters for marketing and logistics for both Europe and Russia. We have a warehouse with a capacity of two million pieces, which the different orders are distributed from. We also have a supply of samples for our customers or prospects who want to try out our range. Our team includes logistics operators, a marketing manager and business managers. In terms of developing new products, we work from our Luxembourg headquarters, but also in cooperation with designers specialising in this field, who are spread all over Europe. The decision to establish the European headquarters in Luxembourg was also driven by the country's geographical position, as it's an ideal location to distribute our products.”
So what is the positioning of your products?
“Our customers are mainly B2B, operating in the hotel sector, which explains why we are not very well-known by the general public. We are considering developing sales to individuals via specialised shops. We're actually trying this out at the moment in France.”
How do you do your canvassing? 
“We're more of an importer than a distributor. So we work with companies specialising in the distribution of hotel supplies who are, de facto, our biggest customers. Our largest market is France, followed by Spain and Germany. However we do have direct sales in Germany using six sales representatives there, for reasons specific to the German market.”
Do you produce items according to chefs' requests or suggestions?
“We do have the option to add a logo or a specific design in order for the porcelain to fit in with a concept. This type of production is of course subject to minimum volumes. As a general rule, technology has allowed us to move away from the traditional round shapes to more sophisticated designs. Increasingly, chefs are matching the porcelain with the dish they are going to present. So it's no longer rare for a chef to get their supplies from several producers.”
There is a lot of competition from Asia in your niche. How do you set yourself apart from Chinese products, for example?
“We can't win in terms of price. So we focus on both quality and the high-end segment. For us quality is synonymous with resistance to breakage and the resistance of the enamel over its period of use. Just like a car tyre whose wear depends on how the car is driven, porcelain's wear also depends on its usage. Another elementary focus for us is based on the customer service. Availability of products, quick deliveries are key to our success.
What was the market reaction when the brand was launched in Europe?
“Our positioning is slightly below the level of established brands, our design is suited to the robustness criteria which our customers want. We had to be persuasive in terms of quality, and we had to explain the origin of the products because there isn't a long tradition of porcelain tableware in the Emirates region. On the other hand, this region is where the most prestigious hotels and most creative restaurant concepts are established.”
Has the use of porcelain by individuals changed over time?
“The way porcelain is used and the philosophy behind it, have indeed changed. In the past, wedding lists were mostly made up of porcelain items, but customs are different now. The bride and groom have often lived together for a while, and guests tend to give them something towards an exotic holiday instead. Conversely, recent culinary programmes have placed cooking and all the practical aspects of it back in the spotlight. So this promotion also works in favour of porcelain, and the general public is showing increased interest in it.”
Your corporate image received an award at the 2013 Media Awards in the B2B category. How do you coordinate the brand? 
“We manage our corporate image, working with the communication agency Dechmann, with a sober image setting the tone. Our aim was and still is to give our products a coherent image throughout our different markets, be it Europe, the Middle East, America or Africa. Given that hotel managers, particularly in big chains, change roles during their career, it's important that they recognise the brand all over the world.”
What prospects do you see for the restaurant market over the next few months?
“The market is still dynamic, but we must recognise that the crisis has repercussions on consumer habits, particularly with regard to the high-end sector, which is currently suffering. We have noticed that top chefs mainly earn their money via their 'sideline activities' rather than their Michelin-starred establishments. The rising price of meals in restaurants, particularly in the high-end segment, is raising questions. The phenomenon is partly related to the increase of real estate prices in some big cities, and partly due to the sudden rise in the price of quality ingredients.